We raise pure bred USDA CERTIFIED GRASS FED registered Galloway cattle on grass and hay exclusively. No grain, no corn, no hormones, no prophylactic antibiotics, ever. Our cows spend their lives on pasture and are rarely in the barn. The pastures get all-organic inputs (manure and fertilizer). Galloways are a very old breed from Scotland. They are hardy, good foragers, and thrive on grass. Their beef has enjoyed a reputation for excellence since the time of Shakespeare.

Galloways are low on fat compared to other breeds. An all-grass diet has been shown to preserve beneficial Omega 3s in beef, and Galloways in particular.

Our beef is available several ways to suit your convenience and price considerations.

Best value comes from buying a whole, half, or quarter of a steer, butchered to your order, packaged, boxed, and frozen. We sell locally, and ship beyond the Cornwall area. We sell mature steers and 'young beef', called 'petit boeuf' in French, animals raised on grass and never weaned from their mothers, about 12 months old.

Retail cuts and 'package deals' are also available at the barn, and at the Farmers Market in Cornwall (mid-May to late October). Click on 'Pricing' for details. Ask about our beef at the Cornwall General Store at the intersection of Route 4 & Route 7, in Cornwall, CT., at The Local, in West Cornwall, and Berkshire Country Store, in Norfolk.

Belted Galloway hides have a distinctive white belt. The base color is black, dun, or red. Galloways also come in solid colors. By arrangement, we can have hides processed.

"The Grass Does It!"